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Our company was founded back at 2002 with the brand name “Fish & Pet” at the very same location from which we act till now. Our leader was and still is Vasilis Zacharopoulos. It couldn’t be anyone else as Vasilis is a  “Master” at the world of aquariums and our business is specialized at this world. At 2012 we made very big changes at the place , the brand name which was changed to “Fish & Pet Planet” but mostly at our policy and our services. Our goal was to create new services , upgrade the existing ones and be more active in the market and that is exactly what we accomplished. We promise though that we will not just stay there and wait. We will be searching and introducing innovations every day and for sure we will upgrading and developing the existing ones.

Our team

Vasilis Zacharopoulos

Section: Aquarium Section

Email: vzacharopoulos@fish-petplanet.com

Name: Kostas Zacharopoulos

Section: Marketing Expert

Email: kzacharopoulos@fish-petplanet.com




Aquarium Section

The whole section is based at the “Master” of that hobby. His name Vasilis Zacharopoulos. His experience inexhaustible. Always ready to solve any tricky problem that no one else could solve. His name is our guarantee to you that the Livestock that you will be receiving from us will be of the highest quality and best health that could be. Our facilities (more than 110 tanks and totally more than 10 tones of water) has been designed by him and created under his instructions to assure everyone that we have problem-free and healthy systems to host our livestock. Our livestock is acclimated at the arrival and our systems are checked twice a day by him. All the livestock will be checked prior shipping. Do not hesitate to contact him.

Pet Section

Our team is highly trained to help you find a solution at every problem you face with your pet and also suggest new products that will make the life of yours and your pets much better. Our goal is to keep your best friend happy.  Our team will also bring to you the latest news and developments as much it concerns the products but also the most important factor , the food. Feel free to contact us via phone and email or even better pay us a visit at the store for live support.

Fish & Pet Planet Team


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